Ulrika Felldin

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The intrinsic regenerative capacity of human fetal cardiac mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) has not been fully characterized. Here we demonstrate that we can expand cells with characteristics of cardiovascular progenitor cells from the MSC population of human fetal hearts. Cells cultured on cardiac muscle laminin (LN)-based substrata in combination with(More)
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Coronary arteriogenesis is a central step in cardiogenesis, requiring coordinated generation and integration of endothelial cell and vascular smooth muscle cells. At present, it is unclear whether the cell fate programme of cardiac progenitors to generate complex muscular or vascular structures is entirely cell autonomous. Here we demonstrate the intrinsic(More)
Transplantation of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), like other allogeneic cellular transplants, require immunomodulation or immunosuppression in order to be maintained in the recipient. Costimulation blockade applied at the time of transplantation inhibits costimulatory signals in the immunological synapse leading to a state of anergy in the donor(More)
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