Ulrik Sander Nielsen

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In dairy cattle, the widespread use of artificial insemination has resulted in increased selection intensity, which has led to spectacular increase in productivity. However, cow fertility has concomitantly severely declined. It is generally assumed that this reduction is primarily due to the negative energy balance of high-producing cows at the peak of(More)
A single-step blending approach allows genomic prediction using information of genotyped and non-genotyped animals simultaneously. However, the combined relationship matrix in a single-step method may need to be adjusted because marker-based and pedigree-based relationship matrices may not be on the same scale. The same may apply when a GBLUP model includes(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the role of endogenous opiates in modulating physical performance during dynamic exercise in conscious man. The plasma concentration of beta-endorphin (BEP) and of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) along with muscle pain (McGuill Pain Questionnaire) were assessed in 17 trained, male runners before and after running(More)
Using genomic data, lethal recessives may be discovered from haplotypes that are common in the population but never occur in the homozygote state in live animals. This approach only requires genotype data from phenotypically normal (i.e. live) individuals and not from the affected embryos that die. A total of 7,937 Nordic Holstein animals were genotyped(More)
A whole-genome association study of 4631 progeny-tested Nordic Red dairy cattle bulls using imputed next-generation sequencing data revealed a major quantitative trait locus (QTL) that affects birth index (BI) on Bos taurus autosome (BTA) 23. We analyzed this QTL to identify which of the component traits of BI are affected and understand its molecular(More)
Levinsen, J. F " ESA Ice Sheets CCI: Derivation of the optimal method for surface elevation change detection of the Greenland Ice Sheet – Round Robin results " (International Journal of Remote Sensing). L. Sørensen " Envisat-derived elevation changes of the Greenland ice sheet, and a comparison with ICESat results in the accumulation area " (2015): "(More)
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