Ulrik Merrild

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New pervasive computing technologies for sensing and communication open up novel possibilities for enhancing traffic safety. We are currently designing and implementing the Ex Hoc infrastructure framework for communication among mobile and stationary units including vehicles. The infrastructure will connect sensing devices on vehicles with sensing devices(More)
A case of deletion of the short arm of chromosome 3 (46,XY,del(3)(p253) is described. The patient is a youth of 18 years in an institution for the mentally retarded. Phenotypically, he presents congenital heart disease, hypertelorism, ptosis, epicanthus, blepharophimosis, strabismus, nystagmus, synophrys, low-set ears, frequent infections, epilepsy(More)
Sister chromatid exchange points (SCE points) on individual chromosomes were studied in cultured lymphocytes from 11 monozygotic (MZ) and nine dizygotic (DZ) same-sexed pairs by means of sequential Q-banding and BUdR-Giemsa techniques. No statistically significant variation between unrelated individuals with respect to SCE points on specific chromosomes was(More)
Two unrelated families are presented with repeated occurrences of a congenital syndrome of which the main stigmata were polycystic kidneys and occipital encephalocele (Meckel syndrome). Prenatal diagnosis, followed by interruption of pregnancy, was performed in one case. The diagnosis was based on an increase of amniotic alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), and on the(More)
Prophylactic use of topical ampicillin in addition to intravenous ampicillin and metronidazole was studied in a randomized trial including 203 consecutive patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery. All received ampicillin, 1 g X 3, and metronidazole, 0.5 g X 3, intravenously for at least three days from induction of anesthesia, and 105 also received(More)
  • Ulrik Merrild, I Søgaard
  • The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British…
  • 1986
In contrast to the lumbar spine, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis involving the cervical spine is very uncommon. only 27 cases of spondylolysis and 22 of spondylolisthesis having been reported (Dawley 1971: Fardon and Fielding 1981). Only three cases involving the axis vertebra have been described and only one of these had spondylolisthesis of the second(More)
In tissue from 13 of 30 patients subjected to meniscectomy, amyloid degeneration was found to varying extent along the surface of the meniscus. Tissue from 30 synovectomies, 30 bursectomies and 30 ganglia showed amyloid deposits in four, six and eight cases, respectively. Amyloid was found significantly more frequently in older patients, but there was no(More)
Elevated levels of alpha-1-fetoprotein (AFP) were found in the amniotic fluid of a 36-year-old woman in the 15th week of gestation. Because of this and the results of repeated ultrasonography, abortion was induced. An anencephalic fetus with trisomy 18 was delivered. The possible correlation among neural-tube defects, chromosomal abnormalities, and level of(More)