Ulrich Wolfgang Grün

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Surgical complications of hip arthroscopies are rare in the hands of experienced hip arthroscopists. However, when performed by beginners and in more demanding situations such as marginal distraction of the head and socket and technically advanced procedures, the risk increases. This report describes possible complications which may happen during(More)
BACKGROUND Articular cartilage defects are most often caused by trauma and osteoarthritis and less commonly by metabolic disorders of the subchondral bone, such as osteonecrosis and osteochondritis dissecans. Such defects do not heal spontaneously in adults and can lead to secondary osteoarthritis. Medications are indicated for symptomatic relief.(More)
Infections still remain one of the most devastating complications in hip joint surgery. Classification of these infections help the orthopaedic surgeon to identify the acuteness or chronicity of the infection, predict the complexity of the treatment procedure and ensure that all necessary device are available at the time of the revision surgery. The present(More)
This study considers findings of psychological gerontology as particularly important for geriatric rehabilitation research. Its concrete aim was to describe the course and outcome of geriatric rehabilitation based on a wide range of success criteria, to explore the influencing role of age, sex, and diagnosis as well as to describe the variability pattern of(More)
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