Ulrich Woerner

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In view of the many disadvantages of transplantation of autologous bone tissue, factors must be found which locally and systemically will adjust the balance between bone resorption and deposition in favour of new bone growth. The present study was undertaken, therefore, to examine whether oral administration of ossein-hydroxyapatite compound (OHC) could(More)
From February 1987 to July 1988, 16 patients of our clinic with intramedullary tumors (seven astrocytomas, six ependymomas, two angiomas with intramedullary hematomyelia, and one angioblastoma of the medulla oblongata) underwent surgery. Radical excision was possible in six cases with tumors in the cervical and/or thoracic region as well as in two cases(More)
BACKGROUND The primary treatment of penetrating missile injuries of the brain includes debridement of the scalp, fractured skull, and necrotic brain parenchyma. It is acceptable to remove all bony and metallic fragments that are accessible without additional trauma to nondamaged brain regions. Therefore, bone chips and bullets are often initially retained(More)
Colonization by and succession of bacteria and bacterivorous protists on laboratory-made aggregates were determined over a period of 14 days during winter and spring in 1997. Aggregates were generated from natural water from the limnetic zone of the Elbe Estuary using a tilting tube roller system. Within 1 h after the beginning of the experiments,(More)
This study describes the clinical course of a 31 year old woman who developed multiple anaerobic brain abscesses six days after tonsillectomy, followed by hemoparesis and dysarthria. In spite of craniotomy, repeated punctures and drainage of pus and high dose local and systemic antibiotics, there was an obvious deterioration in the patient's condition.(More)
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