Ulrich Wiebking

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BACKGROUND Mechanically activated intramedullary lengthening nails are advantageous over external fixator. However, difficulties with the control of the distraction rate are the main drawbacks, which may in turn cause insufficient bone regenerate. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 57 lengthening procedures were performed using intramedullary skeletal(More)
Die kombinierte Plattenosteosynthese (4,5-mm-Hauptplatte und 1/3-Rohr-Antigleitplatte) gilt als Standardverfahren zur Stabilisierung bikondylärer Tibiakopf-Frakturen. Ziel dieser Studie war es, Frühergebnisse nach der Versorgung bikondylärer Tibiakopf-Frakturen mit einem unilateralen winkelstabilen Plattensystem zu gewinnen. Im Rahmen einer multizentrischen(More)
BACKGROUND Three types of telescopic nails are mainly used for intramedullary limb lengthening nowadays. Despite some important advantages of this new technology (e.g. controlled distraction rate, not restricted availability, possibility to perform accordion maneuvers), few articles exist on clinical results and complications after lengthening with the(More)
Obwohl die proximale Humerusfraktur eine der häufigsten Frakturen überhaupt ist, ist die Evidenzlage schlecht, hat sich aber in den letzten Jahren etwas verbessert. Einigkeit herrscht in der Literatur darüber, dass undislozierte Frakturen mit gutem Ergebnis konservativ behandelt werden können. Zwei neuere prospektiv-randomisierte Studien zeigen, dass dies(More)
BACKGROUND This study was initiated to evaluate early results of a locked screw plate for unilateral fixation of bicondylar fractures of the tibial plateau. Emphasis was laid on malreduction, secondary loss of reduction, union rate, and infection. MATERIAL AND METHODS A case series of patients with AO/ASIF 41-C type fractures treated with the less(More)
Bone transport can be performed with an external fixator alone or with the monorail technique which entails the combination of a fixator and an intramedullary nail. The purpose of this study was to compare the complication rates and long-term outcomes of these methods. Two groups of patients, the external fixator (n = 21) and the monorail group (n = 18),(More)
OBJECTIVE Callus distraction of the femur or tibia with an intramedullary distractor, which lengthens mechanically through alternating rotations of at least 3 degrees. INDICATIONS Femoral or tibial shortening between 20 and 80 mm. Angular and rotational deformities can be corrected at the osteotomy site. CONTRAINDICATIONS Open epiphyses. Small medullary(More)
Cranial migration of shoulder hemiarthroplasties due to rotator cuff insufficiency typically requires conversion into a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. This study was conducted to analyze differences between the height and offset of six implants designed to enable conversion of a hemiarthroplasty into a reverse system. Anteroposterior radiographs of 40(More)
Der Gasbrand gehört zu den nekrotisierenden Weichteilinfektionen, ausgelöst durch Erreger der Clostridiumfamilie. Es wird unterschieden zwischen traumatischem und spontanem Gasbrand. Mit Einführung des Infektionsschutzgesetzes im Jahr 2001 wurde in Deutschland die Meldepflicht für Gasbrand aufgehoben, für das Jahr 2000 wurden 66 Gasbrandfälle gemeldet(More)
BACKGROUND Ankle sprain injuries, often due to lateral ligamentous injury, are the most common sports traumatology conditions. Correct diagnoses require an understanding of the assessment tools with a high degree of diagnostic accuracy. Obviously, there are still no clear consensuses or standard methods to differentiate between a ligament tear and an ankle(More)