Ulrich Streit

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As the importance of psycho-social factors in medicine is increasingly stressed, it is believed that attitudes towards psycho-social issues in medicine should be taken into account in the selection of medical students. The first step of a longitudinal study concerning the impact of medical studies on the students of a French-Canadian University gave us the(More)
An approach to an interoperable object-oriented GIS-framework for atmospheric modeling (AtmoGIS), which can be used to implement integrated information systems, is presented. The consideration of user-workflows leads to the specification of the projected system. Using an objectoriented approach, the system is based on a spatio-temporal database management(More)
A high input of pesticides in farming has led to a growing The farmer expects specialized expertise from plant proteccontamination of ground and surface water in Europe. To tion experts regarding decisions about treatment, treatment improve this situation, the farmers have to reduce the input of selection and the time of its application. Certain cultures(More)
In order to explore high-dimensional data spaces and to gain insight into the underlying geoprocesses suitable tools are needed. Especially interactive, computer-generated representations enrich our perception, so that complex phenomena can be comprehended intuitively. Although several helpful visualization techniques are available today, there is a growing(More)
Spatial data infrastructures (SDI) are currently one of the hot topics within the geographic information domain. Mature interoperability standards and specifications have evolved in the last years, mainly driven by the work of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC)[1]. As there are a couple of specifications available describing the interchange and processing of(More)
Certain personality traits or disorders in combination with clinical signs complicate the diagnosis and treatment of depression. The approaches to the relationships between personality and mood disorders vary. Some see important links between normal personality types (or temperaments) and depression, while others see certain temperaments as sub-syndromic(More)