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This paper presents a dynamic model of endogenous coalition formation in cooperative games with transferable utility. The players are boundedly rational. At e a c h time step, a player decides which of the existing coalitions to join, and demands a payoo. These decisions are determined by a best{reply rule, given the coalition structure and allocation in(More)
This contribution deals with the benefits and the challenges of 3-stage DC/DC converters in SMPS applications. They are compared to state of the art 2-stage DC/DC converters for high power and highest efficiency power supplies focusing on server, telecom AC/DC and battery charger applications as a major market for advanced system solutions. The main(More)
This paper analyzes different regulatory regimes for the European water industry. It is shown that the regulation of environmental standards and the price regulation of water providers or waste water facilities cannot be separated. In the case of franchise bidding and yardstick competition the strong competitive elements within these mechanisms lead to(More)
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