Ulrich Schaechtle

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We present the development of COMMODITY12, a Personal Health System (PHS) to assist in the provision of continuous and personalised health services to diabetic patients, thus empowering their lifestyle regardless of their location. COMMODITY12 consists of ambient, wearable and portable devices, which acquire, monitor and communicate physiological parameters(More)
We present Hydra: a multi-agent hybrid diagnosis and monitoring architecture that is aimed at helping diabetic patients manage their illness. It makes use of model-based diagnosis techniques, where the model can be developed by two different approaches combined in a novel way. In the first approach, we build the model based on the medical guidelines(More)
Gaussian Processes (GPs) are widely used tools in statistics, machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and scientific computation. However, despite their popularity, they can be difficult to apply; all but the simplest classification or regression applications require specification and inference over complex covariance functions that do not admit simple(More)
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