Ulrich Rabausch

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Cellulose is an important renewable resource for the production of bioethanol and other valuable compounds. Several ionic liquids (ILs) have been described to dissolve water-insoluble cellulose and/or wood. Therefore, ILs would provide a suitable reaction medium for the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose if cellulases were active and stable in the presence(More)
A phylogenetic and metagenomic study of elephant feces samples (derived from a three-weeks-old and a six-years-old Asian elephant) was conducted in order to describe the microbiota inhabiting this large land-living animal. The microbial diversity was examined via 16S rRNA gene analysis. We generated more than 44,000 GS-FLX+454 reads for each animal. For the(More)
Geobacillus sp. strain GHH01 was isolated during a screening for producers of extracellular thermostable lipases. The completely sequenced and annotated 3.6-Mb genome encodes 3,478 proteins. The strain is genetically equipped to utilize a broad range of different substrates and might develop natural competence.
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