Ulrich Marti

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Do cell-surface growth-factor receptors and their ligands accumulate in the nucleoplasm under physiological conditions? And, if so, how do they get there and what function do they serve in this location? Recent advances have provided tantalizing hints to the answers to these questions, and hold the key to identifying a new mode of signal transduction.
 A complex molecular network controls cell homeostasis by inducing apoptosis or proliferation. The balance of Bcl-2 and Bax, members of a protein family, determines whether a cell will become immortal (Bcl-2) or will undergo apoptosis (Bax). To determine the role of Bcl-2 and Bax during proliferation of biliary epithelial cells (BEC) after bile duct(More)
Data obtained with two CZE assays for determining carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) in human serum under routine conditions, the CAPILLARYS CDT and the high-resolution CEofix (HR-CEofix) CDT methods, are in agreement with patient sera that do not exhibit interferences, high trisialo-transferrin (Tf) levels or genetic variants. HR-CEofix CDT levels(More)
The use of morphometry (and stereology), especially in conjunction with immunocytochemistry, in surgical and experimental pathology is reviewed. The combined use of morphometry and immunocytochemistry permits the study of secretory products and the distinction between cells that produce them, e.g., as in the pancreas. Several examples to illustrate the(More)
Capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) in fused-silica capillaries is an effective analytical approach for the separation and determination of the transferrin (Tf) isoforms and thus carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) in human serum. Sera of patients with progressed liver cirrhosis are prone to interferences in the beta region which prevent the proper(More)
BACKGROUND In subjects with type 1 diabetes, persisting elevations of fetal hemoglobin (HbF) have been demonstrated. This study evaluated whether HbF levels typically seen in type 1 diabetes (up to 3%) interfere with glycohemoglobin determinations using a common immunologic method (DCA 2000). METHODS HbA(1c) was measured by high-performance liquid(More)
Capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) with a dynamic double coating permits the simultaneous, individual, quantitative determination of transferrin (Tf) isoforms in human serum and thus carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT), the most specific marker available today for the detection of chronic, excessive alcohol intake. CZE of serum Tf was carefully(More)
Basic research into a possible link between serum and follicular fluid androgen concentrations to detemine whether androgen supplementation in low responders affects follicular endocrine milieu is still lacking. Ninety-seven women (aged 28-43 years) undergoing one natural IVF cycle without any hormone stimulation were analysed. Serum and follicular fluid(More)
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