Ulrich Linsenmeier

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Ninety percent of patients with minor head injury (MHI) who have cranial computed tomography (CCT) under the present clinical decision rules have normal scans. Serum concentrations of the astroglial protein S-100B were recently found to provide useful information, but these studies were too small to provide a statistically safe basis for changing the(More)
Ein Massenanfall von Verletzten (MANV) stellt besonders hohe Anforderungen an die Versorgungsprozesse, tritt aber im Krankenhausalltag nur selten auf. Daher ist es üblich Simulationen für das Training des Personals und für die institutionelle Ablaufoptimierung einzusetzen. Ziel der Arbeit war ein Vergleich von zwei unterschiedlich aufgebauten Traumazentren(More)
The chemical and photochemical oxygenation of 2,3-dihydrooctaethyl-1,19(21,24H)-bilindione (1), as a model for the chromophores of both phytochrome Pr and phycocyanin, has been studied in neutral and alkaline solution, and in the presence of zinc ions. By comparison with octaethyl-1,19(21,24H)-bilindione (5), the influence of ring A hydrogenation on the(More)
Subsidence of various constructs into the vertebral body is a well-known complication in anterior fusion. Information on bone structure is needed, as a basis for improving these procedures. There are, however, no data available on the distribution of mineral density within vertebral endplates. In this study the regional distribution of mineralization within(More)
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