Ulrich Lamparter

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BACKGROUND So far there has been no adequate measure to assess or illustrate, in terms of different levels, subjective distress related to hypersensitivity to sound. METHOD AND PATIENTS The here presented work describes and discusses the construction of a questionnaire to assess subjective distress related to hypersensitivity to sound (GUF). Between May(More)
Neurological and psychological reactions to open-heart surgery are widely underestimated phenomena and occur in a much higher incidence than one might expect. When analyzed retrospectively, up to 3.8% of patients who underwent cardiac surgery at the Hamburg University Hospital exhibited these reactions, whereas 35%-50% presented with symptoms and signs of(More)
We studied visuospatial function in 15 patients with idiopathic spasmodic torticollis (ST) and 15 age- and sex-matched controls. All subjects underwent a battery of visuospatial tests, assessing different functional components of spatial ability. The performance of ST patients on tasks of spatial perception did not significantly differ from that of normal(More)
A questionnaire was sent to 132 patients suffering from sudden deafness selected out of 445 patients treated during 1985-1987 by well defined criteria. This questionnaire asked for conditions of health, noise and individual attributions to sudden deafness on one hand. On the other hand, the second part was related to so-called "life-events" as parameters(More)
48 patients, who had had acute Herpes zoster were screened for a retrospective investigation concerning the development of post-herpetic neuralgia. Subjects with and without neuralgia were compared with respect to medical, demographic and psychological variables. Nine patients were excluded from the investigation because of reported pain, which was not due(More)
Serious complications involving the central nervous system in the course of cardiac surgical procedures have become rare. Nevertheless, CNS dysfunctions still are observed in a considerable number of patients, exceeding by far the number of those at risk from preoperative neurological hazards. The influence of extracorporeal circulation performance and(More)
In a psychosomatic point of view in an overwhelming number of cases sudden deafness is a "response" to strain, which consciously or unconsciously is not assessed as tolerable. Special personal or situational circumstances seem to occur frequently, besides of psychomental strain above all high pressure of responsibility in situations of care, high(More)
The paper discusses the scientific work of two great--although at first sight very different -Psychological investigators: Ernst August dölle and Afolf-Ernst Meyer. First amazing preliminary results from the Hamburg idealtypic Psychoanalytic Experiment (HIPE) of Meyer and his co-workers are presented. The interpretation of these results is undertaken within(More)
First steps are made to describe the dimensional order of such wishes, needs and motives which might be of clinical importance. A currently developed inventory was administered to a sample of 241 patients suffering from neurotic and/or psychosomatic complaints. Different scoring procedures were tried, starting with 25 scales. Finally 19 scales were used and(More)