Ulrich Lamparter

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We studied visuospatial function in 15 patients with idiopathic spasmodic torticollis (ST) and 15 age- and sex-matched controls. All subjects underwent a battery of visuospatial tests, assessing different functional components of spatial ability. The performance of ST patients on tasks of spatial perception did not significantly differ from that of normal(More)
The article gives a clinically oriented survey of psychosomatic aspects in otorhinolaryngology. After a 50-year history of psychosomatic research in this field, the psychosomatic point of view gives a sufficient approach to a lot of diseases in otorhinolaryngology, especially to numerous and frequent diseases of functional origin, but also to problems of(More)
First steps are made to describe the dimensional order of such wishes, needs and motives which might be of clinical importance. A currently developed inventory was administered to a sample of 241 patients suffering from neurotic and/or psychosomatic complaints. Different scoring procedures were tried, starting with 25 scales. Finally 19 scales were used and(More)
QUESTION In an interdisciplinary research project at Hamburg University, psychoanalysts and historians investigated the long-term psychological effects of World War II bombing attacks during the "Hamburger Feuersturm" (Operation Gomorrha) in 1943. The paper looks at the experiences from that time and the different modalities of how they were processed and(More)
Air strikes on Hamburg in 1943 ("Operation Gomorrha") were a historical turning point and had a deep impact on both cityscape and history of Hamburg. Little is known about intraindividual and transgenerational consequences as well as its interaction with societal and historical processes. Aiming at closing this gap interviews with witnesses, their children(More)
The paper describes possible psycho-dynamic connections between the complex relations of depression and pain with regard to the classical conversion theory of Freud as well as modern narcissistic approaches. According to our clinical experience the inner organisation of pain which most regularly appears during long-term illness is formed in compliance with(More)
The paper discusses the scientific work of two great--although at first sight very different -Psychological investigators: Ernst August dölle and Afolf-Ernst Meyer. First amazing preliminary results from the Hamburg idealtypic Psychoanalytic Experiment (HIPE) of Meyer and his co-workers are presented. The interpretation of these results is undertaken within(More)
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