Ulrich Lages

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This paper describes ongoing work in the E.U. project PROTECTOR (Preventive Safety for Unprotected Road User) on the important problem of detecting vulnerable traffic participants from a moving vehicle. We focus on the three sensor technologies that are pursued: laser scanner, radar and video. We discuss their characteristics and present the relevant(More)
Detailed accident analysis shows that intersection scenarios are a serious focal point for accidents in urban areas. Such an analysis was done in the INTERSAFE subproject to emphasise the need of intersection safety driver assistance systems. There exist a lot of different intersection types with different levels of complexity. Therefore, the relevant(More)
This paper presents the use of advanced perception systems for the automated generation of simulated driving scenarios. We describe our advances in the fields of laser scanning processing for reference generation, and illustrate the use of reference data for constructing simulated virtual scenarios that can be loaded, manipulated and used within a(More)
An evaluation of sensor and function performance of an automated driving system as well as behavior analysis in certain situations are important steps on the road to automated driving. The prerequisite is the filtering of relevant situations with an automated and reliable offline classification of maneuvers in large amounts of driving environment data. In(More)
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