Ulrich Lächelt

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Although our understanding of RNAi and our knowledge on designing and synthesizing active and safe siRNAs significantly increased during the past decade, targeted delivery remains the major limitation in the development of siRNA therapeutics. On one hand, practical considerations dictate robust chemistry reproducibly providing precise carrier molecules. On(More)
Gene silencing mediated by small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a novel approach in the development of new cancer therapeutics. Polycations used for nucleic acid delivery still remain heterogeneous compounds, despite continuous progress in polymer synthetic technologies. Here we report the development of a structural defined folic acid polyethylene glycol (PEG)(More)
In the forthcoming era of cancer gene therapy, efforts will be devoted to the development of new efficient and non-toxic gene delivery vectors. In this regard, the use of Fmoc/Boc-protected oligo(ethane amino)acids as building blocks for solid-phase-supported assembly represents a novel promising approach towards fully controlled syntheses of effective gene(More)
Fifteen years ago, surface acoustic waves (SAW) were found to be able to drive fluids and numerous applications in microfluidics have been developed since. Here, we review the progress made and report on new approaches in setting-up microfluidic, continuous flow acoustic mixing. In a microchannel, chaotic advection is achieved by generation of a SAW driven(More)
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