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1 Abstract—We carry out a sequence of numerical tests to understand conditions under which rapid changes in crustal thickness can be reliably imaged by teleseismic body waves. Using the finite-difference method over a 2-D grid, we compute synthetic seismograms resulting from a planar P-wavefield incident below the grid. We then image the Moho using a(More)
Chicken TGGCA proteins belong to the ubiquitous, eukaryotic family of NFI-like nuclear proteins, which share an identical DNA binding specificity. They are involved in viral and cellular aspects of transcriptional regulation and they are capable of stimulating Adenovirus initiation of replication. Using microsequencing data from peptides of isolated(More)
  • P Tarapore, C Richmond, +7 authors E Stavnezer
  • 1997
The Ski oncoprotein has been found to bind non-specifically to DNA in association with unindentified nuclear factors. In addition, Ski has been shown to activate transcription of muscle-specific and viral promoters/enhancers. The present study was undertaken to identify Ski's DNA binding and transcriptional activation partners by identifying specific DNA(More)
We describe a chemical proteomics approach to profile the interaction of small molecules with hundreds of endogenously expressed protein kinases and purine-binding proteins. This subproteome is captured by immobilized nonselective kinase inhibitors (kinobeads), and the bound proteins are quantified in parallel by mass spectrometry using isobaric tags for(More)
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