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Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy (MNTI) is a rare, distinctive neoplasm of early infancy with rapid expansile growth and a high rate of recurrences. Most commonly the lesion affects the maxilla of infants during the first year of life, but it may also occur in the mandible, skull, brain, epididymis, and other rare locations. The origin of the(More)
The aim of this retrospective analysis was to evaluate patient and tumor characteristics and treatment results and prognostic factors for patients with craniofacial osteosarcoma (CFOS). The COSS database was searched for patients with previously untreated, histologically confirmed craniofacial osteosarcoma with at least one follow-up examination. In a(More)
Over the last few years, electric and electromagnetic fields have gained more and more significance in the therapy of bone fracture healing and bone disease. Yet, the underlying mechanisms on a cellular and molecular level are not completely understood. In the present study we have investigated the effects of capacitively coupled, pulsed electric fields on(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of our investigation was to describe the dose- and time-dependent histomorphologic alterations of the irradiated tissue, the composition of the infiltrate, and the expression patterns of various adhesion molecules. METHODS AND MATERIALS We analyzed immunohistochemically alterations in oral mucosa in 13 head and neck cancer patients(More)
Intermediary filaments are involved in cell motility and cancer progression. In a variety of organs, the expression of distinct intermediary filaments are associated with patient prognosis. In this study, we seeked to define the prognostic potential of cytokeratin and vimentin expression patterns in squamous cell carcinomas (SCC's) of the oral cavity. 308(More)
Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) is a transcription factor, which plays a central role in biologic processes under hypoxic conditions, especially concerning tumour angiogenesis. HIF-1α is the relevant, oxygen-dependent subunit and its overexpression has been associated with a poor prognosis in a variety of malignant tumours. Therefore, HIF-1α expression(More)
UNLABELLED With the increased use of osseointegrated implants and with many implants functioning for a long time, the treatment of peri-implantitis has become important. Animal studies and clinical case reports have shown that the principle of guided bone regeneration can be applied to the surgical treatment of moderate to profound loss of bone around the(More)
METHODS This study investigates whether human cadavers embalmed according to Thiel can be used for research and education in oral-maxillo-facial surgery. Different surgical approaches were tested on such cadavers. The usability of the specimen was judged jointly by anatomists and surgeons. Color, structure, and consistency of the different tissues were(More)
Treatments to correct skeletal deformities in patients with hemimandibular hyperplasia differ, particularly about the age at which the operation is done and the operation itself. To some extent, the differences can be attributed to the unknown biological basis of disease. The aim of the present study was to evaluate clinically the outcome of a rationale for(More)