Ulrich Jonas

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Shallow electron spin echo envelope modulations due to dipole-dipole couplings between electron spins provide information on the radial distribution function of the spins in disordered systems while angular correlations between spin pairs are negligible. Under these conditions and in the absence of orientational selection, the dipolar time evolution data(More)
Hydrogel materials consisting of water-swollen polymer networks exhibit a large number of specific properties highly attractive for a variety of optical biosensor applications. This properties profile embraces the aqueous swelling medium as the basis of biocompatibility, non-fouling behavior, and being not cell toxic, while providing high optical quality(More)
1. Calibration of local temperature changes induced by the micro-heater. For the calibration of the local temperature changes induced by the micro-heater, water was pumped over the gold sensor surface (without the hydrogel layer) and series of current pulses I were applied through the ITO micro-heater. From the measured reflectivity changes upon the(More)
We performed fluorescence correlation spectroscopy measurements to assess the long-time self-diffusion of a variety of spherical tracer particles in periodic porous nanostructures. Inverse opal structures with variable cavity sizes and openings in the nanometer domain were employed as the model system. We obtained both the exponent of the scaling relation(More)
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