Ulrich Jürgens

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Path dependency and " natural selection " mark the two poles in the debate on the transfer of institutions across borders. Path dependency implies that the observation of foreign institutions does not play a major role in the evolution of domestic institutions, and that, if learning does take place, it happens only within the framework of existing(More)
ßerhalb der statistischen Abgrenzung " Automobilindustrie "); • der Stand der Umsetzung und der Diffusion sowie der Dynamik des " phase in – phase out "-Prozesses. Abstract In recent years the intensity of innovation in the automotive industry has grown enormously. A third of all spending on research and development in manufacturing is to the account of the(More)
The different human nonverbal emotional vocal utterances (e.g., laughing, shrieking, moaning) and emotional intonation patterns (e.g., scolding, lamenting, caressing) can be shown to have their acoustic and emotional counterparts in the vocal repertoire of the squirrel monkey. This makes the latter an attractive model for investigations on the neural(More)
In this paper, we examine employment relationships as an important dimension of the " German model ". There is a long tradition of debate regarding a specific " German model " comprised of institutions and practices in this area, including the partnership of labour and capital symbolised by the system of co-determination ; patterns of long-term employment(More)
The paper addresses the position occupied by China in the new international division of labour now developing as value chains become increasingly fragmented and work is relocated in the context of globalisation. China is currently experiencing an extremely dynamic industrialisation process, and worldwide foreign direct investment in industry is(More)
Acknowledgments: This research would not have been possible without the generous help of UAW Local 2244, NUMMI managers, and our interviewees, many of whom must remain anonymous. Financial support from the Sloan Foundation and the MIT International Motor Vehicle Program is gratefully acknowledged.
Gibt es einen europaspezifischen Entwicklungsweg in der Automobilindustrie? Abstract The paper discusses pro and cons concerning the hypothesis of a distinctive European approach regarding its automotive system. Its aim is to develop an international comparison of the structural changes in the international automotive industry. A special focus is laid on(More)
Ausbruch aus der Sandwich-Position? Risiken und Chancen der neuen ost-/westeuropäischen Arbeitsteilung für die ostdeutsche Automobilindustrie Abstract Stuck in the middle between the traditional Western automotive centres and the new regions and low-cost sites in Central and Eastern Europe the East German automobile industry still is in a precarious(More)
  • Katrin Gillwald, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Für Sozialforschung, Trums Berlin, W Hinrichs, E Priller +12 others
  • 2000
Talks about innovation usually evoke images of technical innovations – of things, products, production plants, infrastructures – associated with newness and advantages over previous solutions. Social innovations are likewise important for societal development , akin but not equal to technical innovations. Yet, social innovations, though omnipresent in(More)