Ulrich Horstmann

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Few existing studies illuminate the operation of the carbon cycle before the rise of atmospheric oxygen circa 2400 million years ago. Stable carbon isotopic measurements of shallow stromatolitic carbonates (∼0‰ VPDB) and basinal carbonate minerals (−6‰) in iron formation have been used to infer a strong isotopic depth gradient in Archean ocean basins. From(More)
The application of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) in forensic science to establish the provenance of a range of questioned substances including soils, drugs, explosives, currency, ivory and rhino horn has been widely documented. The present study wishes to highlight the applicability of IRMS and specifically stable carbon IRMS in determining the(More)
The study of interfacial properties in the marine environment is important for the understanding of air-sea gas exchange processes, especially with respect to the behaviour of entrained air bubbles. Seawater contains surfactant material, much of which is thought to origin from the exudation of dissolved organic material (DOM) by phytoplankton. This study(More)
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