Ulrich Horbach

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The use of loudspeaker arrays to create a spatial impression within an auditorium requires the exact knowledge of the synthesized wave eld. The interaction between loudspeaker array and the enclosure can be investigated by numerical simulation. A new method for the computation of dynamical 3D sound elds is applied to obtain the impulse response from a(More)
In part 2, we present an alternate simplified design technique that is based not on Part 1's specification of frequency responses at arbitrary off-axis vertical angles, but on specification of the total shape and coverage angle (vertical beamwidth) of the polar patterns generated by pairs of separated point sources. Here we show that when only a single pair(More)
Various methods exist for crossing over multi-way loudspeaker systems. These methods include those loosely classified as Linkwitz-Riley filters, constant-voltage filters, and D'Appolito configurations. All these methods do not provide broad-band constant-beamwidth or constant-directivity operation because their vertical radiation patterns change shape as a(More)
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