Ulrich Gethmann

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(Bonn, Pittsburgh, USA): Einflug yon Amplitude und Frequenz der pulsatilen GnRH-Stimulation auf die Gonadotropinsekretion beim weiblichen Rhesusaffen In ovariektomierten Rhesusaffen mit hypothalamischen Lfisionen, welche die endogene GnRH-Produktion und damit die Gonadotropinsekretion ausschalten, k6nnen normale LHund FSH-Konzentrationen durch die pulsatile(More)
Osmotic minipumps containing low doses of either 4-hydroxyoestradiol or 2-hydroxyoestradiol2) were sc implanted for 152 h (6 1/3 day) into immature male and female rats. At the end of the test period the animals were killed and the uterine weight, the vaginal opening, the gonadotrophin serum levels and the gonadal weight monitored. The following results(More)
We studied the action of catecholestrogens on prostaglandin and LH release by female rat pituitaries superfused in vitro. Their actions were compared to those of estradiol (E2) at the same concentration (10−6 M). By comparison with E2 the action of 2-OHE2 was only the same on total PGE2 release. 4-OHE2-17β stimulated LH like E2 but the values for PGD2 and(More)
It is reported of an abdominal pregnancy at term. The placenta was left in situ because of the high risk of intraabdominal bleedings. Thereby it was possible to measure hormon concentrations of the fetoplacental unit without the fetal compartment. Within 10 days after delivery we determined the plasma levels of estradiol-17 beta, estriol, progesterone, HCS,(More)
A radioimmunoassay for the determination of progesterone in saliva using a 125J-labelled progesterone derivate has been developed. The assay is characterized by the excellent sensitivity of 3.12 pg progesterone/ml. During the menstrual cycle of normal women the biphasic rhythm of progesterone in saliva could not been clearly demonstrated. In the follicle(More)
A case of ovarian pregnancy after gamete transfer (GIFT) is reported in a 33-year old women who, after intensive stimulation therapy, experienced a right tubal pregnancy in one cycle and an ovarian pregnancy on the left side in the next. The incidence of ovarian pregnancies seems to have been increasing during the past years, comprising 3.3% of all(More)
Complications during a pregnancy caused by a gastric balloon as a weight reduction device are presented. We refer about a patient in the 35th week of pregnancy who suffered with abdominal cramping. She was studied for hours before the decision for a laparotomy and cesarean section was made. Just before starting, a gastric balloon which was implanted in the(More)
The particulars of 78 patients with fetal demise of the last 14 years were evaluated retrospectively. The most important reason of fetal death was hypoxaemia or anoxaemia. 31 patients were delivered by cesarean section or had spontaneous uterine contractions. Induction of 47 abortions were started with oxytocin or prostaglandins. Within 12 hours 54% of the(More)