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Advances have been achieved in the design and biomechanical performance of orthopedic implants in the last decades. These include anatomically shaped and angle-stable implants for fracture fixation or improved biomaterials (e.g. ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) in total joint arthroplasty. Future modifications need to address the biological(More)
BACKGROUND The effects of freezing-thawing cycles on intramedullary bone-implant interfaces have been studied in a rat model in mechanical pull-out tests. IMPLANTS: Twenty TiAl6V4 rods (Ø 0.8 mm, length 10 mm) implanted in rat tibiae METHODS 10 rats underwent bilateral tibial implantation of titanium rods. At eight weeks, the animals were sacrificed and(More)
Implant related infection is one of the most feared and devastating complication associated with the use of orthopaedic implant devices. Development of anti-infective surfaces is the main strategy to prevent implant contamination, biofilm formation and implant related osteomyelitis. A second concern in orthopaedics is insufficient osseointegration of(More)
PACT 2004 ienvenue à Antibes Juan-les-Pins, on the French Riviera. We are pleased to host PACT 2004 and hope that you enjoy the conference. The town has one of the prettiest coastal landscapes in France, which spreads over about 25 kilometers. The Sophia-Antipolis technological park is located at the northeast end of the city and includes within its forest(More)
Allegro: un simulateur dirig e par ex ecution eecace R esum e Le temps requis pour le cycle de d eveloppement mat eriel/logiciel a diminu e en m^ eme temps que le co^ ut de d eveloppement (i.e. erreurs) a augment e. Les m ethodes analytiques ne sont pas suusamment g en erales pour simuler tous les aspects du fonctionnement d'un multiprocesseur. La(More)
Many different technologies have been used to enhance osseointegration in orthopaedic and dental implant surgery. Hydroxyapatite coatings, pure or in combination with growth factors or bisphosphonates, showed improved osseointegration of titanium alloy implants. We choose a different approach to enhance osseointegration: plasma chemical oxidation was used(More)