Ulrich Dittrich

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The tarspot complex is caused by the interaction of Phyllachora maydis and Monographella maydis. Coniothyrium phyllachorae, possibly a mycoparasite, is found in older ascostromata of P. maydis, which always appears first causing tarspot. M. maydis follows and is responsible for the damaging “fisheye” symptom. The fisheye symptom is always associated with a(More)
Das Ziel der vorliegenden Studie war die Untersuchung von bereits in der unfallchirurgischen Primärversorgung nachweisbaren Risikofaktoren der Entwicklung von psychoreaktiven Störungen im Hinblick auf deren Prädiktionspotenzial. Die Untersuchungsstichprobe rekrutierte sich aus 126 Patienten mit Verkehrsunfallverletzungen einer universitären Notaufnahme. Die(More)
The aim of this study was to assess common risk factors for the early development of psychoreactive disorders during traumatological treatment and to estimate their predictive potential. The sample consisted of 126 consecutive patients with accidental injuries recruited in an emergency room of the university hospital. We assessed this population 1 week (T1)(More)
Critical current density of high-pressure (2 GPa) manufactured -based superconductors depends on the amount and distribution of higher borides in matrix, which in turn are determined by the nature of the initial components first of all B or and the temperature of sintering or synthesis. Ti and Ta additions can improve by promoting the higher boride(More)
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