Ulrich Dietze

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Concentrations of persistent organic pollutants (HCHs, DDX, PCBs and HCB) were measured in topsoils from 11 agricultural fields in the lee of large disused industrial plants in the Leipzig-Halle region at varying distances from emitters. The investigations clearly indicate the deposition of anthropogenic pollutant inputs, not only in the past, but also(More)
Three years and 5 months after uneventful laser in situ keratomileusis, the left eye of a 39-year-old man was struck by the finger of a friend while the two were practicing karate, resulting in loss of the flap. The patient had performed this contact sport regularly for years. When last seen 16 weeks after injury, the best corrected visual acuity in the(More)
In seven diabetics of type 1 and seven of type 2, the flow physiologic magnitudes were measured in a retinal quadrant before and after photocoagulation. The segmental blood flow, the arterial flow velocity, and the diameters of artery and vein are smaller after photocoagulation than before. Investigations into the time course of the flow-physiologic(More)
The reported data of biodegradability of variously substituted 25 sulfonated azo dyes were divided into two classes: 8 dyes designated "rapidly biodegradable" and 17 dyes "not rapidly biodegradable", by applying principal components analysis (PCA). The biodegradability of the dyes was modeled with the discriminant technique of two-value regression analysis(More)
The generalized capillary dilatation demonstrable at the early stage of diabetic retinopathy can now, on the basis of recent results in biochemistry, be assessed as an attempt at autoregulation in relative hypoxia of tissue. In patients with diabetic retinopathy, an elevated HbA1c concentration in the blood can be observed. The DPG level, however, is(More)
In 21 male diabetics (juvenile onset diabetes) with diabetic retinopathy and 13 patients without this condition, the HCG and the LH-RH stimulation tests were performed and the results compared to those of 20 persons with normal metabolism and full vision. The findings can be interpreted as hypothalamic hypophysogonadal dysregulation in case of lowered basal(More)
An additional unit which can be used for length measurements at the fundus of the human eye is described for the ophthalmoscope. The principle of measurement is based on optical displacement of the measuring object to itself. The optical displacement of picture points is made possible by the use of a tilting flat glass plate in the intermediate image plane(More)
The authors studied the appearance and behavior of complement-fixing anti-ROS antibodies in the sera of GrCh rabbits following one or two intracutaneous injections of retinal antigens emulsified in Freund's complete adjuvant (KFA). Fourteen different antigenic preparations from heterologous, homologous, and autologous retinal components incorporated in KFA(More)
BACKGROUND A new IOL implantation technique introduced in Germany since December 1995 is presented--the one-piece-plate-haptic silicone lens implantable with the Passport system. METHOD From January to September 1996 in 291 patients after 3.2 mm clear cornea incision, capsulorhexis, phacoemulsification and implantation of an one-piece silicone posterior(More)