Ulrich Derigs

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In this paper we explore implementation issues related to the solution of the weighted matching problem defined on an undirected graph G = ( V, E). We present algorithms based on the two different linear characterizations of the feasible solutions to the matching problem. Furthermore, we present two specialized implementations, one with an O(l V I 3 ) time(More)
An efficient method for solving Linear Bottleneck Assignment problems is described. The method starts with a heuristically determined partial assignment. Then shortest augmenting paths are constructed with the aid of a modification of the algorithm of Dijkstra. Comprehensive numerical investigations are reported and discussed. A FORTRAN IV subroutine can be(More)
In this paper we present a new algorithm for the single depot vehicle routing problem with uniform vehicle capacity and single time windows per customer (VRPTW ). The procedure is based on classical insertion principles but introduces the concept of negotiation between customers and tours leading to an algorithmic scheme which constructs and improves(More)
We analyse two strategies for solving the bottleneck assignment problem — the threshold method and the shortest augmenting path concept —, show their theoretical equivalence and computational behaviour. We develop a new rather efficient labeling technique to be used in the shortest augmenting path method and a hybrid procedure combining the advantages of(More)