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We study the following generalization of the inradius: For a convex body K in the d-dimensional Euclidean space and a linear k-plane L we define the inradius of K with respect to L by rL(K) = max{r(K; x + L) : x ∈ E d }, where r(K; x + L) denotes the ordinary inradius of K ∩ (x + L) with respect to the affine plane x + L. We show how to determine rL(P) for(More)
We consider the homogenized linear feasibility problem, to find an x on the unit sphere, satisfying n linear inequalities a T i x ≥ 0. To solve this problem we consider the centers of the insphere of spherical sim-plices, whose facets are determined by a subset of the constraints. As a result we find a new combinatorial algorithm for the linear feasibility(More)
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