Ulrica Löfstedt

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Electronic Government, or e-Government, is on the agenda both in research and in practice and there is a rather broad research field. Several researchers are involved in a range of different research projects concerning different topics within the area and are generating an increasing amount of research literature. This paper examines current research(More)
High quality information and updated information systems are essential for professional activities. Software maintenance plays an important role in keeping a desired level of quality and during recent decades there have been different efforts done in this area. The purpose of the study presented in this article, is to find relvant research questions and(More)
This paper presents a brief historical account of the unorthodox design of an educational program for information systems development. The design and development of this program was initiated in 1977 at the University College of Östersund, today the Mid Sweden University. The presented account provides a description of the somewhat unusual context of this(More)
In assessing a Swedish undergraduate study program in information systems development the proposition is put forward that a process oriented curricula could be a promising alternative to mainstream content based ones. By further stressing a user perspective, creativity, and systemic thinking, conditions are created for putting technology to its best(More)
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