Ullrich Mueller-Lisse

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Combined MRI and 3D spectroscopic imaging (MRI/3D-MRSI) was used to study the metabolic effects of hormone-deprivation therapy in 65 prostate cancer patients, who underwent either short, intermediate, or long-term therapy, compared to 30 untreated control patients. There was a significant time-dependent loss of the prostatic metabolites choline, creatine,(More)
The electrical impedance tomography (EIT)-based global inhomogeneity (GI) index was introduced to quantify tidal volume distribution within the lung. Up to now, the GI index was evaluated for plausibility but the analysis of how it is influenced by various physiological factors is still missing. The aim of our study was to evaluate the influence of(More)
BACKGROUND Due to large-scale destruction, changes in membrane diffusion (Dm) may occur in cystic fibrosis (CF), in correspondence to alterations observed by computed tomography (CT). Dm can be easily quantified via the diffusing capacity for nitric oxide (DLNO), as opposed to the conventional diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLCO). We thus studied(More)
Differences in regional lung function between the 3rd and 5th intercostal space (ICS) were explored in 10 cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and compared to 10 lung-healthy controls by electrical impedance tomography (EIT). Regional ratios of impedance changes corresponding to the maximal volume of air exhaled within the first second of a forced expiration(More)
Objective: The distribution of ventilation within the lung is inhomogeneous. We hypothesized that the degree of inho-mogeneity in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) differs from that in healthy subjects. Method: Three adult patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and two healthy subjects were recruited for this preliminary study. Subjects were asked to breathe(More)
Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is a medical imaging technique which can be used to monitor the regional ventilation in patients utilizing voltage measurements made at the thorax. Several reconstruction algorithms have been developed during the last few years. In this manuscript we compare a well-established algorithm and a recently developed method(More)
A case of a 71-year-old female patient with osteochondrosis dissecans of the right temporomandibular joint is presented. Osteochondrosis dissecans usually occurs at the weight-bearing convex cartilage in all larger joints. It is rarely found in the temporomandibular joint and usually shows one or two loose bodies dislodged from defects which are present on(More)
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