Ulli Raschke

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This study investigated the hypothesis that the length-tension relation of the torso erectors would be linear, mirroring the observed linear increase in extension strength capability toward full flexion. The effect of torso extension velocity on the tension capability of these muscles was also investigated for common motion speeds. A myoelectric-based(More)
A neurocortical-based technique of muscle recruitment is presented to solve the muscle indeterminacy problem for lumbar torso modeling. Cortical recordings from behaving primates have established motor cortex cells that respond to a wide range of task directions, but are tuned to a preferred direction. A characteristic activity pattern of these neurons(More)
The El’gygytgyn impact structure in Chukutka, Arctic Russia, is the only impact crater currently known on Earth that was formed in mostly acid volcanic rocks (mainly of rhyolitic, with some andesitic and dacitic, compositions). In addition, because of its depth, it has provided an excellent sediment trap that records paleoclimatic information for the 3.6(More)
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