Ulla Thornström

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The synthesis rate of dopamine and noradrenaline in different parts of the rat brain was estimated by measuring the accumulation of DOPA following decarboxylase inhibition. Although the synthesis of dopamine was enhanced in all regions by haloperidol and gammabutyrolactone, it was increased to almost 400% of the control in the corpus striatum but to only(More)
Effects of acute, short-lasting haemorrhage have been studied in six goats. The experiments were made 55 +/- 3 days (mid-pregnancy = MP), and 24 +/- 2 days (late pregnancy = LP) before parturition, in lactation weeks 3-8, and in the non-pregnant, non-lactating (= control) period. The room temperature was kept at 20 +/- 1 degrees C, except during one(More)
A series of 5-substituted 2-benzoylaminobenzoic acids has been synthesized and assayed for PPARalpha/gamma activity. Both dual activators and selective PPARgamma agonists have been identified. This class of compounds was shown to activate the PPARgamma receptor through interaction with a novel binding site.
B-HT 920 at low doses inhibited the accumulation of DOPA following treatment with reserpine and a DOPA decarboxylase inhibitor in the dopamine-, but not in the noradrenaline-predominant regions of the rat brain. B-HT 933 selectively inhibited this DOPA accumulation in the noradrenaline-predominant regions. These effects of B-HT 920 and B-HT 933 were(More)
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