Ulla M. Lindhe Norberg

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High-speed film analysis showed that the wing beat kinematics in Glossophaga soricina change gradually with increasing flight speed, indicating that there is no sudden gait change at any particular, critical, flight speed. The flight of two adult specimens was studied over a range of flight speeds (1.23-7.52 ms(-1)) in a 30 m long flight tunnel. During the(More)
By combining appearance and behavior in animals with physical laws, we can get an understanding of the adaptation and evolution of various structures and forms. Comparisons can be made between animal bodies and various technical constructions. Technical science and theory during the latest decades have resulted in considerable insight into biological(More)
To examine the hydrodynamic propulsion mechanism of a diving great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus), the three-dimensional kinematics was determined by digital analysis of sequential video images of dorsal and lateral views. During the acceleration phase of this foot-propelled bird, the feet move through an arc in a plane nearly normal to the bird's line(More)
Here, we report that on six widely separated Scandinavian islands, the coal tit Parus ater has evolved morphologically in the direction of two absent competitors, the crested tit P. cristatus and the willow tit P. montanus, to the effect that it is up to 10% larger in linear dimensions than conspecifics on the adjacent Swedish mainland, where all three(More)
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