Ulla Hedlund

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A hyaluronan binding protein (HABP), extracted from cartilage, was biotin-labelled and used for histochemical localization of hyaluronan (HA) in tissue sections. Various tissues were fixed for a mixture of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde during microwave irradiation. The microwave oven when set at 700 W and 45°C yielded an intense and specific staining of(More)
  • Ulla Hedlund
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  • 1989
In a study of 27 underground miners exposed to hand or whole-body vibration, cold or other vasoconstrictive environmental factors, higher prevalences of Raynaud's phenomenon in both fingers and toes were found than in a control group not exposed to vibration. There were no Raynaud-like phenomena among miners not exposed to vibration. There was a positive(More)
To conduct SEM studies on epithelium containing mucus-producing cells it is essential to remove the mucus which normally obscures the epithelial surface. This study presents a method which effectively removes the covering layer of mucus in the rat middle ear. Healthy Sprague-Dawley rats were decapitated and the middle ears dissected free. Incubation and(More)
Increased mortality in COPD among construction workers exposed to inorganic dust. I.A. Bergdahl, K. Torén, K. Eriksson, U. Hedlund, T. Nilsson, R. Flodin, B. Järvholm. #ERS Journals Ltd 2004. ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to find out if occupational exposure to dust, fumes or gases, especially among never-smokers, increased the mortality from chronic(More)
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