Ulla-Britt Jansson

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The aim of this study was to investigate whether, the vaccine Priorix causes less immediate injection pain than MMR-II in vaccination of infants aged 18-24 months who were offered vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella. The infants were randomised into one of the two vaccine groups (Priorix/MMR-II in a double-blind study. One observer assessed pain,(More)
The effects of medically-orientated labour ward routines were studied during the the first hour after birth, in 48 vaginal, single deliveries. All infants were immediately separated from their mothers and left on a resuscitation table. There was no significant difference in onset of crying if the infant received cutaneous stimulation or not. It was found(More)
Eighty-seven children with short stature (height more than 2 SD below the mean for age and sex) were investigated by small intestinal biopsy. There was no obvious reason for their growth retardation found by routine examination and they had no gastrointestinal symptoms. Coeliac disease was found in two children and probable coeliac disease in two children.(More)
Regular blood donors were enrolled in a double-blind, parallel group study to evaluate the side effects of two iron supplements, one containing both heme iron and non-heme iron (Hemofer, 2 tablets = 18 mg iron/day), the other non-heme iron only (Erco-Fer; 1 tablet = 60 mg iron/day). No differences were found between the two alternatives in regaining(More)
The influence of haemorrhage and blood transfusion on primary haemostasis, coagulation and fibrinolysis was investigated in ten healthy male volunteers. Acute loss of 10% of the blood volume did not give any significant alteration in thrombin- antithrombin III (TAT) complex and plasmin-alpha 2-antiplasmin (PAP) complex levels compared with a control series.(More)
ACTH in high doses and over long periods of time is the treatment of choice in infantile spasm. Serious side effects can occur, but are not so often described. Two cases are published with hypertonia and immunosuppression. Control of blood pressure and electrolytes is mandatory. The importance of rather careful control of infections is stressed, as symptoms(More)
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