Ulla Brinkmann-Trettenes

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Solid phospholipid (PL) nanoparticles with griseofulvin (GRIS) as a model drug were prepared by co-spray drying. Their dissolution properties were compared with formulations containing the physical blends of the native crystalline drug and excipient materials, and physical blends of the spray dried materials. Co-spray drying was performed from ethanol+water(More)
We report a (31)P NMR assay for quantification of aqueous phospholipid samples. Using a capillary with trimethylphosphate as internal standard, the limit of quantification is 1.30 mM. Comparison of the (31)P NMR quantification method in aqueous buffer and in organic solvent revealed that the two methods are equal within experimental error. Changing the pH(More)
CONTEXT The particularity of the Nano Spray Dryer B-90 is the nozzle containing a mesh vibrating at ultrasonic frequency. OBJECTIVE To study process parameters and processability of crude phospholipid dispersions, in particular the effect of concentration and mesh aperture on both particle size of the dry solid phospholipid nano-particles and on the(More)
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