Ulisses C. Araujo

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PURPOSE Epilepsy remains a stigmatized condition. Lack of information has been pointed to as a cause of the perpetuation of stigma. Our goal was to survey children's perception of epilepsy. METHODS We used a questionnaire to determine if the children knew what epilepsy is and, if they did not know, what did they think epilepsy is. Twenty-nine children (15(More)
PURPOSE To identify in a town of Brazil the knowledge, attitude and perception of epilepsy in teachers of elementary schools and to compare these before and after a training exercise. METHODS Teachers of nine public schools of Barão Geraldo, Campinas, Brazil completed a questionnaire. Two researchers had meetings with teachers, presenting the Global(More)
In well-being research the term happiness is often used as synonymous with life satisfaction. However, little is known about lay people's understanding of happiness. Building on the available literature, this study explored lay definitions of happiness across nations and cultural dimensions, analyzing their components and relationship with participants'(More)
Avaliação da exposição ocupacional ao chumbo: proposta de uma estratégia de monitoramento para prevenção dos efeitos clínicos e subclínicos Occupational lead exposure assessment: a proposal for a strategy to monitor prevention of clinical and subclinical effects Abstract In developing countries, lead-acid battery factories are one of the heaviest consumers(More)
This study measured lead concentrations in both the outdoor air and household dust from houses located around a lead-acid battery repair shop. Such installations are one of the largest sources of lead exposure, since outdated technology is still used, coupled with the lack of strict air-quality control programs. Measurements of the air lead concentration(More)
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