Ulf Welander

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A new laser fluorescence method, KaVo DIAGNOdent, was tested with respect to reproducibility and validity and compared with radiography regarding accuracy in the detection of occlusal caries. Seventy-six extracted premolar and molar teeth were measured twice with DIAGNOdent under both wet and dry conditions, at an interval of 2 weeks. Conventional film(More)
The precision and accuracy of three commonly used methods for age determination by teeth were studied in 541 children aged 5.5-14.5 yr. These methods rely on estimation of tooth development as seen in radiographs compared with compiled dental charts. It was found that charts made from Scandinavian populations gave a rather good precision, while one from a(More)
A color scale was designed with an approach that combined both human visual response to color and physical properties of color. The design was initiated with a subjective evaluation of a 16 step color scale running from dark blue via magenta, orange to light yellow. The CIELUV chromaticity diagram was employed to verify the subjectively generated scale and(More)
The postoperative appearance of 28 patients was studied following sagittal split osteotomy. A radiological evaluation of the direction and location of the split, secondary unwanted fractures and the area of overlap and contact relationship between the fragments was carried out. In 70% of the cases examined the line of cleavage broke through on the medial(More)
BACKGROUND The aims of this study were to investigate the anti-inflammatory effect and the effect on bone regeneration of hyaluronan in surgical and non-surgical groups. METHODS In each of 15 individuals, 2 teeth with defects of similar character and magnitude in the upper or lower jaw were chosen. There were at least 2 teeth between the test and the(More)
A linear x-ray detector array can be used to perform rotational panoramic radiography provided a technique for data acquisition is used that emulates the dimensional reproduction of a conventional rotational panoramic radiographic system. This may be accomplished with the use of a variable integration time throughout the excursion. The required interval(More)