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A new laser fluorescence method, KaVo DIAGNOdent, was tested with respect to reproducibility and validity and compared with radiography regarding accuracy in the detection of occlusal caries. Seventy-six extracted premolar and molar teeth were measured twice with DIAGNOdent under both wet and dry conditions, at an interval of 2 weeks. Conventional film(More)
A general mathematical analysis of the image distortion in narrow beam rotation radiography has been performed. Distortion effects are often evident in panoramic images exposed in clinical practice. It is found that in spite of this general experience panoramic images, exposed with the aid of a rotating narrow beam, are reliable for ordinary clinical(More)
The layer formation in rotation narrow beam radiography is analysed mathematically. It is shown that the blurring, and consequently the layer formation, is due primarily to the width of the beam; no blurring and no layer formation occur if the beam is of negligible width. The blurring is significantly affected by the magnification factor in the specific(More)