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INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to assess the volume of gas being poorly ventilated or non-ventilated within the lungs of patients treated with mechanical ventilation and suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). METHODS A prospective, descriptive study was performed of 25 sedated and paralysed ARDS patients, mechanically(More)
An accurate and fully automatic method for detecting and quantifying emphysema in CT-images is presented. The method is based on an image preprocessing step followed by a neural network classifier trained to separate true em-physema from artifacts. The proposed approach is shown to be superior to an established method when applied on real patient data.
Somatostatin is a tetradecapeptide with potent inhibitory actions on several endocrine systems; it blocks the release of growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormone and thyrotropin from the pituitary gland (Krulich et al. It also affects exocrine and other functions of the gut, i.e. inhibits motility and absorption and decreases gut blood flow (cf. Arnold(More)
Eleven patients with disseminated midgut carcinoid tumour disease were subjected to hepatic artery embolisation. In six patients, lymphocytosis with a predominance of NK cells occurred and the cytotoxic activity of isolated lymphocytes increased. A relation between NK cell accumulation and subsequent radiological and biochemical response was observed, and(More)
In the diagnosis of a temporal contusion bilater filling of the Sylvian vessels permits adequate comparison between the two sides. Such a comparison is important since even at a large contusion with marked upward or medial displacement of the Sylvian vessels no corresponding shift of the midline structure may exist in the acute stage. With increasing(More)
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