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Navigation and application functionality of mobile robots rely on their collision-avoiding capabilities, also known as local navigation. We present the mobile robot ARTOS (Autonomous Robot for Transport and Service) that is particularly designed to operate in living environments and therefore faces the problem of fuzzy and unstructured obstacles. The local(More)
As protein crystals generally possess a high water content, it is assumed that the behaviour of a protein in solution and in crystal environment is very similar. This assumption can be investigated by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation of proteins in the different environments. Two 2ns simulations of hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) in crystal and solution(More)
Biomolecular force fields for use in molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of proteins, DNA, or membranes are generally parametrized against ab initio quantum-chemical and experimental data for small molecules. The application of a force field in a simulation of a biomolecular system, such as a protein in solution, may then serve as a test of the quality and(More)
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