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3 MOTIVATION Advanced IT-based training systems offer efficient tools for collaborative authoring and management of distributed courseware, but are currently not sufficiently equipped with functionality to explore complex system and processes. On the other hand distributed simulation technologies such as the HLA/RTI infrastructure offer extended(More)
– A basic system for acquisition, reconstruction and simulation of real objects (ERSO) is presented. Our approach is to combine the knowledge of different research areas as photogrammetric, computer graphics, and computer vision to develop new techniques for generating three-dimensional models from images. The first two paragraphs give an introduction and(More)
Web-based training systems offer enhanced functionality for cooperative courseware production and management. Nevertheless, these system approaches are mostly dedicated to distributed information presentation and interaction exploring the potentials of current Internet / WWW technologies (e.g. JAVA, HTML, VRML). In this article a simulation-based training(More)
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