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The role of networks and matching in market entry to emerging retail markets
Purpose – The purpose is to investigate how a retailer identifies critical network actors and gains their support when entering an emerging market. and to examine the role of a firm's relationshipsExpand
Inter-firm Market Orientation: Its Significance and Antecedents in Distribution Networks
It is often argued that competition takes place between networks or value chains, rather than between individual companies. This means that market orientation needs to be recognised at this level, inExpand
Inter-firm market orientation and the influence of network and relational factors
This article looks at market orientation as a part of inter-firm activities. It investigates the way interorganisational structure affects inter-firm market orientation in food channels in Sweden,Expand
Decision Making in Inter-firm Networks as a Political Process
A political-process-oriented approach to decision making is applied to an asymmetric network of firms, based on the notion of resource interdependen cies as the prime motivator of inter-firmExpand
Relationships as entry barriers. A network perspective
Recent literature on the European Union has focused to a great extent on the growing competition that the creation of the union was expected to generate on the former national markets. And yet, as weExpand
Retail market orientation: A preliminary framework
Existing market orientation frameworks are based mostly on studies of manufacturers. Therefore, there is a need of a modified approach that acknowledges the special conditions for retailers. AExpand
Market orientation processes in retailing: a cross‐national study
Purpose – The main purpose is to provide an in‐depth understanding of market orientation in retailing and to identify the specific activities that have to be understood and managed in order for aExpand
Market driving strategies: Beyond localization ☆
Adaptation to local customer preferences may result in a more rapid market acceptance, and market orientation studies often propound that firms need to closely monitor changes in the marketplace andExpand
Performance Evaluations as Gender Barriers in Professional Organizations: A Study of Auditing Firm.
Gendering processes often take the form of organizational subtexts, that is, seemingly gender-neutral practices that have gender implications. The purpose of this article is to study performanceExpand
Efficiency and effectiveness of small retailers:The role of customer and entrepreneurial orientation.
While it is generally agreed that a customer and entrepreneurial orientation enhance company performance in large multi-national organizations, relatively little is known about how these variablesExpand