Ulf Dietmar Koenig

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Cell-mediated immunity (investigated by in vitro mitogen/antigen induced lymphocyte proliferation) is known to be depressed in the post-operative period. In the present investigation, performed with halothane/nitrous oxide inhalational anaesthesia in healthy patients without trauma (eye surgery) and with operative tissue trauma (gynaecological operations),(More)
To date, the results concerning the prognostic importance of parameters of cell-mediated immunity in breast cancer patients are very contradictory; moreover, in most of them the results are hardly comparable due to methodological differences and heterogeneous groups of patients. In 123 patients with nonmetastatic breast carcinoma TNF alpha, INF alpha, IL 2(More)
In this study, neuroleptanaesthesia reduced the reactivity of lymphocytes to phytohaemagglutin (PHA-P) and pokeweed mitogen (PWM) in patients in a manner similar to that seen with halothane/nitrous oxide and enflurane/nitrous oxide inhalational anaesthesia. These findings began 4 h post-operatively, lasted throughout the first post-operative day and were(More)
Sera of 120 cervical cancer patients as well as that of 116 healthy control persons were screened for lymphocytotoxic antibodies using microlymphocytotoxic tests variated in temperature and incubation time. In 76 of 120 cancer-sera (63.3%) lymphocytotoxic antibodies could be detected in comparison with 26 sera of 116 controls (22.4%); p less than 0.0005.(More)
Blood sera of 290 patients were examined for the presence of antibodies against herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2): 1. lues - seronegative individuals, 2. patients with specific lues antibodies, and 3. patients with so-called carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix. The group of syphilis-seropositive individuals(More)
Cellular mediated immune reactions (CMI) against tumour associated antigens are the demonstration of an interrelationship between tumour and tumour host. They are related to the stage and prognosis of the disease. 41 patients with cervical cancer were tested by leukocyte-migration-inhibition test. Cryostat sections of 10 μ of the tumour-tissue, gained by(More)
Lymphocytotoxic antibodies in sera from 55 pregnant women (of whom 23 were in their first, 21 were in their second, and 11 were in their third pregnancy), as detected by four different microcytotoxicity tests, were predominantly cold reactive and of the IgM class. During pregnancy, there is an increase in lymphocytotoxic antibody formation which is most(More)