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BACKGROUND Previous studies found contradictory results regarding the question whether mixed venous oxygen saturation (Svo2) and central venous oxygen saturation (Scvo2) are equivalent. The inconsistency of study results may result from different study designs and different, partly questionable, statistical approaches. METHODS The authors performed a(More)
The number of cases of mushroom poisoning is increasing as a result of the increasing popularity of "wild" mushroom consumption. Amanitin and phalloidin cytotoxins found in some Amanita and Galerina species produce the most severe and frequent life-threatening symptoms of Amanita phalloidestype poisoning. Delay in onset of symptoms, individual(More)
In 10 patients with lesions of the sensorimotor cortex cortical SEP were registered to identify the postcentral gyrus, and intraoperative ultrasound sonography served to locate the lesion. The combination of both techniques helped to find the optimal approach to the lesion. Postoperative results were considered favourable, as only one patient suffered(More)
The adrenocortical function after induction of anaesthesia using either etomidate, methohexital or midazolam was examined in 30 patients undergoing open heart surgery (ACVB). Midazolam and methohexital did not suppress the typical stress response assessed from the magnitude of the ACTH, cortisol and aldosterone levels. The ACTH-test was also normal. In(More)
Aim of the present paper is to discuss the physiologic principles of the acid-base status, in particular those of the pH value. The alpha-stat theory of acid-base management interprets the normal value of arterial pH, usually thought of as being 7.40, as a value derived from the intracellular pH, which is close to neutrality. This appears to have offered an(More)