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High availability is a desired feature of a good distributed system. Replication is a well-known technique to achieve fault tolerance in distributed systems, thereby enhancing availability. Distributed computing for partitionable system presents a challenge in that there is a trade-off between availability and consistency. Changes in one partition are not(More)
As most aspect of our life move to digital networks, crimes comes with them. Our lives increasingly depend on the internet and digital networks, but these create new vulnerabilities and new ways for criminals to exploits the digital environment. Not only can many existing crimes be replicated in online environments, but novel crimes that exploit specific(More)
Many conventional search engines satisfy the need of information retrieval from WWW, but the results obtained still hold a chance for refinement and accuracy. This problem of getting irrelevant results is specifically observed for complex queries i.e. queries with many key words. We propose an intelligent method for web mining based on Genetic Algorithm(More)
Geospatial information is collected from different sources with disparate terminologies resulting in highly heterogeneous information thus making its compilation and retrieval difficult. Harmonization of these heterogeneities is needed for interoperability and seamless access to the information sources by providing a common platform for facilitating(More)
Internet provides great amount of heterogeneous information. Thousands of news articles and blogs post each day. Millions of movies, books, music tracks are becoming available on internet. But we really need and consume only few of them. To recommend to us something we may like, we need an intelligent Web Recommendation system. Recommendation Systems are(More)
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