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Cervical smears from 1,784 women who attended the family planning clinics of the Institute for Research in Reproduction were examined for the presence of Actinomyces-like organisms. Among 815 intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) users, the repeat smears from 57 women were positive for Actinomyces-like organisms, giving a prevalence rate of 6.99%.(More)
Five different coordination motifs were observed upon reaction of the simple group 13 Lewis acids MCl3 (M = In, Ga, Al, B) or BF3·Et2O with the ambidentate bis(diisopropylphosphino)amine ligand HN[P(i-Pr)2]2. In a 1:1 reaction mixture, the softer Lewis acids InCl3, GaCl3 and BCl3 coordinate to one of the two P atoms of the ligand. In contrast, AlCl3 and BF3(More)
Serum progesterone (P) and norethisterone (NET) levels following injection of norethisterone enanthate (NETEN) were studied in 11 regularly menstruating women. In 6 subjects 200 mg NETEN was administered to the gluteal (IG) or deltoid (ID) region sequentially. The serum P levels remained anovulatory (less than 4 ng/mL) up to 12 weeks. Serum NET levels were(More)
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