Ujjaini Dasgupta

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Neutral ceramidase, a key enzyme of sphingolipid metabolism, hydrolyzes ceramide to sphingosine. These sphingolipids are critical structural components of cell membranes and act as second messengers in diverse signal transduction cascades. Here, we have isolated and characterized functional null mutants of Drosophila ceramidase. We show that secreted(More)
The specificity of deletion formation was studied using tests involving reversion of palindromic insertion mutations. Insertions of a Tn5-related transposon at 13 sites in the ampicillin-resistance (amp) gene of plasmid pBR322 were shortened to a nested set of perfect palindromes, 22, 32 and 90 bp long. We monitored frequencies of reversion to Ampr, which(More)
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