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This paper analyzes noise reduction using matched filter and wavelet transform in the signals of continuous wave radar and pulse radar. The denoising application of wavelets has been used in spectrum cleaning of atmospheric radar signals. Matched filter has a strong anti-noise ability; it can also achieve accurate pulse compression in a very noisy(More)
The block discrete cosine transform (BDCT) is extensively used for compression of image and videos. One of its disadvantages, however, is the blocking artifacts at the block boundaries at low bit-rates. Most previous techniques for removing block artifacts utilize low-pass ltering or projection-on-convex-set (POCS) concept that gives an iterative(More)
One of the main limitations of existing monitoring systems is their dependency on the continuous recording of video data. As a result, the system consumes huge power and needs large memory to store this data. The aim of this paper is to present an automated monitoring system that can save memory, as well as measure the target distance precisely based on the(More)
In order to effectively detect moving targets in strong noise conditions, we proposed an image processing method based on wavelet and Hough transform (HT) for multiple moving targets detection. Firstly, the noise is removed from the received signal by the wavelet technique. We propose an improved wavelet threshold function. The new threshold function not(More)
The JPEG standard provides the frame work for encoding and decoding images in a progressive and hierarchical coding mode as well as baseline sequential mode. These features are referred to as SNR and spatial scalability respectively. In this paper, we propose the JPEG browse by Block Transform Domain Filter-ing(BTDF) using subband lter banks without using(More)
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