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A new 6-DOF parallel haptic device is developed and presented in this paper. The haptic device consists of two 3-DOF parallel structures connected with a steering handle. The design satisfies requirements of low inertia, quick motion, large orientation angles, and large applied torques. Kinematics for position and differential motion is analyzed for the(More)
This paper presents an application of an adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for compensating friction and disturbance effects on robot manipulators. The frictions and disturbances are important parts of the dynamic system of a robot manipulator. However, they are highly nonlinear and not easily modeled. Feedback linearization control combined with PD type(More)
The fault-tolerant control scheme utilizes grouping of currents to reduce the required number of controller outputs. Reduced current distribution matrices can be calculated with the constraint conditions of the controller outputs and the necessary condition for linearization. Decoupling chokes are not required for the control scheme with grouped currents(More)
This paper presents a remote control system of a 6 DOF underwater robot using two acoustic transducers, while radio and optical waves are not used because they are strongly attenuated in a complex environment as water. Underwater robots can be controlled by cables limited by distances, environment conditions, and not flexible. Therefore, it is necessary to(More)
This paper provides a new algorithm and test verification for implementing fault-tolerant operation of magnetically suspended, flexible shaft, rotating machinery. The currents to the magnetic bearing are redistributed in a manner so that the bearing actuator preserves the same linearized magnetic forces after some of its coils experience failure. The(More)
A fault tolerant current distribution scheme is presented for a bi-directional magnetic bearing with reduced eddy currents and cross coupled stiffness. The bearing continues to function normally even though one coil among four radial coils and one coil of two axial coils fail. The dynamic properties and load capacity remain unchanged for the suggested fault(More)
A new energy efficient magnetic bearing is developed. The magnetic forces to current inputs relation for the new bearing is analyzed with both 1-D magnetic circuit and 3-D magnetic field modeling. The test rig for the new magnetic bearing is constructed. A digital controller for stable levitation of rotor-magnetic bearing system is implemented on a dSPACE(More)
This paper presents the optimal design and self-tuning fuzzy PID force control of a new 6-DOF haptic device. The haptic device is designed to select the optimal lengths of links so that requirements of workspace, force transmission ratio and singular configuration are satisfied. These requirements produce a composite global design index as a multi objective(More)
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