Ugur Gurel

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One of the main concerns in multi-robot applications is the effects of interactions among the robots on the total performance of the team. If the robots are assigned to spatially separate tasks, the negative impact of these interactions may be decreased. In this paper a VRP-based method is proposed to create non-intersecting routes for a team of robots. In(More)
Many real world applications require real-time motion detection. Performance of a motion detection system should be fast enough so that moving objects in video can be detected and processed in real time. Once motion region in a video is detected, object tracking, image data mining, semantic meaning extraction, and other video/image processing techniques can(More)
In large-scale environments, robots should have proper internal representation of the surroundings for achieving tasks such as localization, navigation, and exploration. Internal representations could be categorized in two ways: metric (grid-based) map and topological map. In this paper, we aim to generate a topological map representation (collision-free(More)
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