Ugur Firat

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Fascioliasis refers to a zoonosis caused by Fasciola hepatica, a trematode infecting herbivores, but also occurs in humans who ingest the metacercaria found in fresh water plants. Infection in humans is common in developing countries and is also not uncommon in Europe. Diagnosis of this infection is difficult, as the history and symptoms are nonspecific and(More)
Epithelial-stroma interactions in the endometrium are known to be responsible for physiological functions and emergence of several pathologic lesions. Periglandular stromal cells act on endometrial cells in a paracrine manner through sex hormones. In this study, we immunohistochemically evaluated the expression of epithelial-mesenchymal transition(More)
Hydatid cysts are rarely asymptomatic depending on their location. Complaints may be only relevant due to secondary problems. This paper presents a case report of a myocardial hydatid cyst which was totally excised under cardiopulmonary bypass operation with median sternotomy. Patient was admitted to the hospital with complaint of atypical chest pain in(More)
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